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Jessica L. Berrien
is a Northampton, Massachusetts attorney who represents clients in civil litigation matters including family law, practicing primarily in the Western Massachusetts divisions of the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court. Attorney Berrien represents egg, embryo and sperm donors in third party ART (assisted reproductive technology) cases.
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Jessica Berrien | Family Law

Hampshire County International Kidnapping Case

Attorney Berrien has been working on an international kidnapping case during the last several years. Attorney Berrien represents the father of a child who was abducted from the United States to the Dominican Republic. The Hampshire County Probate and Family Court ruled after trial on the matter that the father have sole physical and legal custody of the child and that the child be returned to Massachusetts. The mother has not returned the child over a year after the ruling and the mother is currently in violation of a Massachusetts Court Judgment and was found to be in Contempt of Court. The Mother has also been indicted on kidnapping charges. The father has filed a petition for return of the child under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction and the case is currently being litigated in the Dominican Republic.

This case has similarities to the Sean Goldman international kidnapping case where a young boy was taken by his mother from the United States to Brazil away from his father. That case garnered much international attention and the child and his father were finally reunited over five years later with the help of Congressional Representatives, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and public outcry and support for the father.

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