Jessica L. Berrien | Family LawJessica L. Berrien | Family Law
Jessica L. Berrien
is a Northampton, Massachusetts attorney who represents clients in civil litigation matters including family law, practicing primarily in the Western Massachusetts divisions of the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court. Attorney Berrien represents egg, embryo and sperm donors in third party ART (assisted reproductive technology) cases.
Practice Areas

Child Custody
Child Support
Alimony / Spousal Support
Same-Sex Divorce
Separation Agreements
Property Division
Interstate Removal
Unmarried Partner Disputes
Paternity Actions
Third Party ART
Egg Donation
Embryo Donation
Sperm Donation      

Post Divorce Actions
Contempt Actions

Domestic Violence
Restraining Orders
Grandparents Rights
International Kidnapping

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Child Support in Massachusetts
In Massachusetts, child support is determined either by agreement of the parties or with the aid of the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines...

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Divorce Process in Massachusetts
In order to obtain a divorce in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts...

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Fathers and Custody of Child Born Out of Wedlock
Did you know that if you are the father of a child born out of wedlock and you do not have either a legal written custody agreement filed with the Massachusetts Probate Court or an order/judgment from the Court granting you custody, you do not have custody of your child?...

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Jessica Berrien | Family Law
Divorce or Modification Actions
I will help you negotiate family changes. If you are contemplating a dissolution of your marriage I will help you decide the best course of action for you considering your individual situation and the needs of your family.  There are many choices including: mediation, attorney assisted mediation, attorney negotiated settlements and litigation. Changes in your family situation can be very stressful and disruptive to you and to your children. Legal paperwork and court proceedings can seem confusing and overwhelming. I will work closely with you, assisting you through every step of the process. My goal is to help you reach a fair resolution to your case. I will work to reach an amicable settlement through negotiation and/or alternative dispute resolution. If adversarial court proceedings are necessary I will fervently advocate for your rights through motion hearings, legal discovery, pre-trial conferences and trial.

Third Party ART
(Advanced Reproductive Technology)
If you are considering becoming an egg, embryo or sperm donor in order to assist another family in having a child, I will review and assist you in negotiating the agreement between you and the intended parents and advise you as to issues such as each party’s parental rights and legal status as a donor or parent, confidentiality/anonymity, future contact, etc.

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